Andrew Wilcox

Andrew Wilcox

[email protected]

Full Stack Engineer

I work with the full software stack, including API integration with external systems, databases, server side code, and front end programming.


With twenty years of programming experience, I am unfazed by:

Code Maintenance

I am well familiar with the challenges of coming up to speed with a new software system and improving, rewriting, and debugging an existing code base:


My goal is consistently clear, useful, and actionable communication.

I proactively seek out the information I need to complete the project, ask questions when I need to ask questions, say “I don’t know” when I don’t know, provide explanations, provide estimates and progress reports, and convey my level of confidence in my estimates and progress reports.

Additional Talent

I’m an independent software consultant represented by 10x Management.

If a project (or a part of project) needs skills that I don’t possess myself, the other talent represented by 10x can likely fulfill the requirement.

Contact Me

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Scott Masson, Director of Development, iTeam

Andrew worked for iTeam as our lead developer through the company's early software prototyping stages into maturity.

He implemented our original e-commerce platform selling IT products and services bundles direct to customers.

When iTeam's distribution model evolved to selling through channels, such as Staples and TigerDirect, Andrew re-engineered the platform, integrating it with our business partner's sites and other software tools (such as Salesforce and Onforce) to provide a seamless experience for our partners and their customers.

In addition to his own development activities he also had a lead role in the hiring and management of additional developers working on the team. Andrew's attention to detail and understanding of the business requirements are key strengths that allowed for consistently successful software releases.

Nick Martin, Meteor Development Group

Andrew Wilcox has been fantastic to work with. He's made major contributions to Meteor, including improving support for mobile devices, enhancing password and account security, adding connection loss detection to our communication protocol, exposing more of Meteor's internal functionality in the public developer API, and tuning performance. Working with Andrew has been a pleasure. He's reliable, speedy, has excellent attention to detail, and takes feedback well. We've used him repeatedly and look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.

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